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Organizer Mini - Small, pocket-sized organizer, made of the finest Italian leather.[more...]

The Leather Organizer Mini: The Smallest Pocket-Sized Time Management Organizer

The Organizer Mini from X47 is arguably the smallest working time management system in the world!

Small Yet Large on Space

The Organizer Mini provides you with as much writable surface area as a full sized loose-leaf diary and fits in every shirt pocket!

Time Management

The Organizer Mini has everything that a time management system needs: A perfectly arranged calendar that enables you to keep an overview of long periods of time and clearly displays appointments and daily activities.


Additionally, there is space for notes, thoughts, sketches and ideas – and if required, an address book.

Fine Leather Covers

The interior leather covers provide you with place for two credit cards. Additionally, on the left-hand interior cover there are two large pockets and on the right-hand interior cover there is one large pocket. On the right-hand, running along the top of the organizer is a holder for your mini pen.

The Leather Organizer Mini Helps Reduce Space

The small size of the Organizer Mini encourages and motivates you to try to keep your planning tools to a minimum, and to organize your daily activities and reduce them sensibly. “The form determines the content” – is an old German saying. When applied to the Organizer Mini, this means that the quantity of activities should be limited to those that are really achievable. Time planners in larger formats nourish the illusion that there is more time available than there actually is. You tend to enter more into your calendar than you are able to manage, with the consequence that you put yourself under pressure and are dissatisfied at the end of the day.

Leather Organizers: Stop the Illusion

The Organizer Mini calls an end to the illusion of having too much time. Space is limited - so you have to thoughtfully decide on which tasks you enter. Though you do not have unlimited space, you do not have unlimited time either. This is the reason many of our customers tell us about the calming aspects of using our smallest organizer format. For these happy customers, no other organizing system comes into question any longer.

Two Calendars for the Organizer Mini

There are two kinds of calendars available: A vertically oriented and a horizontally oriented calendar.

Weekly calendar vertical classic for Organizer Mini Weekly calendar vertical classic for the Organizer Mini

The Alternative: DUO1

Do you perhaps prefer to write with a pencil? There is a fitting alternative for you: The DUO1. The DUO1 is an appointment calendar as well as a wallet without a coin purse. The DUO1 is a bit wider than the Organizer Mini, but nevertheless fits perfectly in your shirt pocket. An accompanying pencil fits on the right-hand edge so that even a large-sized pencil can be accommodated without a problem.

Mini pen from X47 for the Organizer Mini DUO1 Wallet Organizer Combination