Why X47?

20 convincing arguments.

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The spring bar

The secret behind the X47 timers.

A “spring bar” made of the finest stainless steel and Swiss watchmaking precision replaces the ring mechanism. The booklets are fitted with a stainless steel tube at the spine and are latched into the spring bar. The difference is clear: the booklets are easy to write on and the inserts are quick and easy to change.

Slim, smart, light

Flatter than any ring binder.

Less is more

Focused on the essentials.

The X47 timer supports the focus on the essentials. Ring binders have a habit of getting thicker and thicker. More and more material accumulates. The X47-Timer is designed so that it cannot grow – because it is not supposed to.

Own paper


We have our own, extremely ink-resistant paper. Finely toned with a hint of chamois.

Easy to write …

… especially for lefties.

With X47, there is no ring element that interferes with writing. Left-handers in particular appreciate this – they do not have to push their hand over the obstacle.

Finest leather …

from European cows.

we use only the best leather from European cows, tanned in Italy and Belgium – under the strictest supervision worldwide.

Handmade in Germany


Production takes place on our premises. More “Made-in-Germany” is not possible.

47 year guarantee

… on the spring bar.

The spring bar is made of the finest high grade surgical steel and is manufactured in Switzerland. Together with the spring bars of almost all luxury watches: Omega, IWC, Patek Philippe, Cartier … Quality at its finest.


They still exist, the beautiful things.

Manufactum is a department store and catalog shipper of truly exceptional products. A catalog to indulge in. There you will find the best of the best.

We are very proud to be “the” calendar supplier of Manufactum. To us, that sounds like a “supplier to the royal palace”.

47% more writable area

… compared to A6 ring binder.

Since we do not punch any holes in the X47 sheets and also place great importance on the fact that the leather cover overlaps only slightly, you have 47% more writable area with the A6 timer compared to a ring binder, with the same external format.


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20 reasons to choose X47

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