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Personal Organizer

A New Technology to Make Your Life Easier

X47 offers a new technology system that will keep you organized and make your life easier. Our light-weight spring rod technology replaces the traditional, clumsy ring notebook system. This makes writing on the left or right side of the page equally comfortable; increasing space and elegance while at the same time reducing weight.

personal organizer organizers leather: featherClip

A Personal Organizer with a New Method: Compact, Flat and Comfortable

X47 distinguishes itself through an innovative mechanical system: A spring-loaded, light-weight rod to hold inserts. This gives X47 Organizers several decisive advantages:

  • Flatter than a ring notebook.
  • More comfortable to write in due to the lack of a disturbing ring system.
  • More writable area available than in a ring notebook.
  • Offers solutions that were previously impossible.

X47 – A Technology Not Only for Personal Organizers

Our spring-loaded rod technology replaces the traditional ring notebook, and additionally, has opened up the possibility for new uses and new products.

X47 is the first notebook to offer …

  • A mini organizer that is small enough to fit in your shirt pocket.
  • A coat pocket sized organizer with a comfortable amount of space.
  • A wallet that also functions as a personal organizer.
  • A wallet that combines your money, mobile phone and calendar all in one.

The Right Description

X47 products are unique in form and design, making it fairly difficult to find one precise description for all of the individual X47 products.

Simply put, our products can be described as personal organizers, appointment calendars and notebooks made of high-quality leather. Equally, however – depending on use – they can be described as time management planners, time management books, sketchbooks and/or diaries.

Our personal organizer/wallet combinations are products from our line of leather personal organizers, but at the same time, they can be used as notebooks or time planners, and of course as a wallet or purse as well.

Method and Use

Our spring-loaded rods, made of the finest stainless steel and Swiss watchmaker precision, replace the old, traditional ring mechanism. These rods are the key to the entire X47 system. The rods are imbedded in the binding of the organizers with their spring-loaded attachment ends facing up. Each spring-loaded rod can hold one bounded insert, which can easily be inserted and removed at any time. The end result is clearly innovative: You can easily turn every page, inserts are light and easy to replace, and the organizer stays slim and manageable.

Thin, Smart, Light

X47 Personal Organizers are thinner than their ring notebook counterparts, and more comfortable to write in. Cleverly devised inserts offer you optimal time management options, all encompassed in the highest quality leather with the best quality craftsmanship. X47 offers customers a unique, stainless steel fastening mechanism, made with the highest level of precision.

personal organizer organizers leather for  A7 A6 und A5, thin, smart, light

Less is More

Our X47 Organizers allow you to concentrate only on the essentials. Ring notebooks have the habit of getting thicker and thicker as more and more material tends to gather. The X47 Organizers, however, are made in such a way that they cannot get thicker – precisely because they should not get thicker.

personal organizer organizers leather for A7 A6 und A5 Less is more

Why Give up Space?

With the old, traditional ring mechanism, the innermost areas are impossible to write in – this is not the case with X47 Organizers.

personal organizer organizers leather for A7 A6 A5 More space

47% More Area

Our X47 Organizers offer you 47% more writable area than a conventional ring notebook of the same size. Hence the name: X47!

personal organizer organizers leather for A7 A6 A5: 47% more area

Writable Left Side

Since our X47 Organizers don't have a clumsy ring mechanism, you can write comfortably on the left side of pages too. Or in case you are left-handed, the right side of pages is also easily accessible.

personal organizer organizers leather for A7 A6 A5: writable left side

Fits in Your Coat Pocket

Our personal organizers are made in such a way that they cannot get thicker and therefore will always fit perfectly in your coat pocket. Our Mini Organizer is even small enough to fit in your shirt pocket!

personal organizer organizers leather for A7 A6 A5: fit in your coat pocke

X47 – 13 Different Models to Make Your Life Easier.

Thanks to X47's new technology, a new generation of personal organizers now exists for everyday use.
8 different models of personal organizers are available, each in a timeless style.

  • Organizer Professional – Personal organizer in leather
  • Organizer Expert – Our bestseller in this size format
  • Organizer Mini – Mini personal organizer
  • Slimline Professional – Personal organizer
  • Slimline Expert – Personal organizer
  • “ONE” – The flattest X47 in the world. Ideal as a leather diary.
  • Mabook Professional – Our masterpiece: Appointment calendar and sketchbook with high quality leather binding.
  • Mabook Expert – An appointment calendar and notebook to rave about. Perfect for the individualist (in format A6).

In Addition, X47 Offers Four Unique, Intelligent Combinations of Wallets and Personal Organizers.

Previously it was not possible to combine a wallet and personal organizer in a way that makes sense…that is, until now.
Our X47 spring-loaded rods make it all possible!

  • UN01 – Small leather wallet with pen.
  • DU01 – Wallet or personal organizer – without coin purse.
  • DU04 – Wallet or personal organizer – with coin purse.
  • TRIO A7 – Leather personal organizer, wallet and mobile phone pocket for inserts in a smaller size format.
  • TRIO Grande – Leather personal organizer, wallet and mobile phone pocket for inserts in a larger size format.

Additionally, we also offer purses for women and briefcases for men:

  • Handbag TINA SIEG – A desinger handbag made for women. Bi-fold functionality. Especially favored by business women.
  • VEL01 – Leather briefcase for men.

Organizer Professional – Leather Organizer

A luxuriously equipped organizer made of high quality leather. Ideal for keeping perfectly organized.

personal organizer organizers leather for A5: Timer A5

Our “S Class”

Organizer Expert – Our Bestselling Organizer in This Size Format

Organizer A6 is our most popular organizer and bestseller in this size format. This organizer is perfect for on the go and fits in your coat pocket or in your small purse.

personal organizer organizers leather for A7 A6 A5: The Bestseller

We have over 100 different types of leather to choose from!

Organizer Mini – Mini Personal Organizer

A small personal organizer made of high quality leather.

personal organizer organizers leather for A7: Timer A7

Possibly the smallest, functional time management system in the world.

Slimline Professional – Time Planner

Simple, beautiful, functional: Our time planner made of high quality leather.

Personal organizer organizers leather for A5: Slimline A5

Its simple elegance will convince even the toughest critic.

Slimline Expert – Time Planner

A classic time planner. With two or maximum three spring-loaded rods, without pen or credit card pockets.

Personal organizer organizers leather for A6: Slimline A6

Wonderfully thin.

“ONE” – The Thinnest X47 in the World, Ideal as a Leather Diary.

They don’t get any thinner. ONE can also be used as a supplement to the Organizer Professional or as a diary.

Personal organizer organizers leather for A6 leather diary

Elegant and Thin!

Mabook Professional – Our Masterpiece: Appointment Calendar, Sketchbook, Highest Quality Leather Binding

A book to rave about: The Mabook Professional can be used as an appointment calendar or sketchbook and features the highest quality leather binding.

Notebook, sketchbook leather for A5 leather bound

A book to rave about.

Mabook Expert – An Appointment Calendar / Notebook to Impress. For the Individualist.

Appointment calendar or notebook – the right book.

notebook secret diary for A6 leather bound

Possibly the most elegant notebook in the world…

UNO1 – Small Leather Wallet with Pen.

Small and compact. A small wallet made of quality leather with pen. This wallet is perfect for women or men and is available in the most sought-after colors: brown and black.


Making the most of small space.

DUO1 – Wallet and Personal Organizer Made of High Quality Leather – Without Coin Purse.

A leather wallet for women or men who prefer to store their coins in a separate location.


A small organizer for appointments and receipts.

DUO4 – Wallet and Personal Organizer.

It doesn’t get more compact than this: Wallet with pockets for bills and a coin purse; in addition, a pen and place for 18 credit cards!

DUO4 - coin-purse-wallet-italian-leather-womens-bifold.

Compact – Wallet and personal organizer.

TRIO A7 – Women's Wallet and Personal Organizer

An innovation for her: A wallet and personal organizer, with a place for your mobile phone – here order is queen.

TRIO A7 - purse-wallet-italian-leather-for-women-trifold

Three practical functions: Money, mobile phone and calendar.

TRIO Grande – Comfortable, Compact Women’s Wallet

Leather personal organizer for inserts in a larger format, with a bill pocket and mobile phone pocket. Comfortably and elegantly combined.

TRIO A6 - purse-wallet-italian-leather-for-ladies-trifold

Three functions: Money, mobile phone and calendar.

Handbag TINA SIEG – Designer Handbag

Simple, elegant and functional – a seldom seen combination.

Bag TINA SIEG, Desinger Handbag

Simply well designed.

VELO1 – Briefcase for Men

A special briefcase for men made of high quality leather: simple and beautiful. Can be reduced to half its size. Available in brown and black.


Leather briefcase

Your Coordinating Writing Utensil: No.1

With an exclusive personal organizer one also needs a compatible, elegant writing utensil. We offer our No.1 separately or as a set, either as a ball point pen or mechanical pencil.

No.1 pen-set-mechanical-pencil-made-in-germany

No.1 – A first-class writing utensil

Caran d’Ache Ecridor

Are luxury writing utensils exactly your cup of tea? Then perhaps the Ecridor from Caran d’Ache is just right for you. As a ball point pen or mechanical pencil.


Caran d’Ache

X47 Mini Ball Point Pen

Do you appreciate small ball point pens? We do too. This pen fits perfectly in our Organizer Mini and in our small wallet UNO1.


Mini ball point pen available in several colors

Our Calendars are Based on a Time Management System.

You can choose from:

  • Weekly calendar CLASSIC (1 week / 2 pages)
  • Weekly calendar HORIZONTAL (1 week / 2 pages)
  • Monthly calendar (1 month / 2 pages)
  • Daily calendar (1 day / 1 page)
  • Daily calendar TIME CIRCLE (1 day / 1 page)
  • Yearly calendar LEPORELLO

The special feature of our calendars lies in the layout of the pages. The upper part focuses on appointments, while the lower part has place for important notes on activities of the day or week. In our accompanying book “Time Optimally Used”, you can read about how you can make the most of our practical calendars.

Weekly Calendar CLASSIC (1 week / 2 pages)


Weekly calendar – Weekly planner CLASSIC

Our weekly calendar CLASSIC is our most popular calendar.

Weekly Calendar HORIZONTAL (1 week / 2 pages)

weekly-planner-planners-calender: horizpntal

Weekly calendar – Weekly planner HORIZONTAL

Our newest calendar: The horizontal weekly calendar. Also ideal for teachers (in combination with the lesson plan inserts) and for private use with the 7x7 method.

Monthly Planner (1 Month / 2 pages)


Monthly calendar – Monthly planner

A calendar favorite – also available as a supplement to weekly or daily calendars.

Daily Calendar (1 day / 1 Seite)


Daily calendar – Daily planner

For the perfect planning of your day.

Daily Calendar TIME CIRCLE (1 day / 1 page)

daily-planner-planners-calender: timecircles

Daily calendar – Daily planner Time Circle

The calendar innovation from X47 – Time Circle – this year in cooperation with Saarland watchmaker NIVREL.

Yearly Calendar LEPORELLO


Yearly calendar – Yearly planner Leporello

Versatile use – the Leporello as your yearly planner. Also ideal as a supplement to our weekly calendar.

X47 – Handmade in Germany

X47 uses only the finest leather, producing the majority of our leather covers directly in Germany.
Our spring-loaded rods are made of stainless steel and are produced in Switzerland with a precision of 1/100 steel per millimeter. Assembly takes place in Germany.

Our X47 personal organizers have established a new generation of organizers: Compact, flat and intelligent.

The Best Quality Leather for Our Personal Organizers

We use 100% genuine high quality leather. X47 does not offer split leather or imitation leather, and the majority of our leather comes from Germany or Italy. For our personal organizers, we generally use cow, goat or deer hide. But we also have a collection of extravagant types of leather like ostrich leather and eel leather, for example...
You have the power to choose from over 100 different types of leather.

Leather-Handmade in Germany

Inventory of leather

Hand Craftsmanship for Leather Personal Organizers – Made in Germany

The majority of our leather personal organizers are made in Germany. The best high-end hand craftsmen ensure that our products stand out from the ring notebook competition. And this we do quite intentionally. When you purchase an X47, you can be proud that you own a high quality, hand crafted product made in Germany.

Leather-Handmade in Germany: finest work

Mabook – Perfection in leather

Hand assembled rods

Even the spring-loaded rods, which can only be assembled by hand, are exclusively assembled in Germany. This assures that our products maintain the highest level of quality and at the same time secures our trade secrets.