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TRIO - Women's wallet organizer, made of the best Italian leather. Tripple function: wallet + personal organizer + mobile phone holder. [more ...]

Women's Tri-Fold Wallet Organizer.

The TRIO A7 is a smaller version of the TRIO Grande and includes smaller sized organizer inserts. Though it is smaller, the TRIO A7 still provides the complete range of features found in the TRIO Grande: Four spring-loaded insert rods to hold your organizer inserts, a pen holder and pen, credit card pockets, pockets for bills, and a coin pocket. The decisive question in deciding between the TRIO A7 and the TRIO Grande is which size wallet organizer you prefer and which size organizer inserts best fit your needs.

The Perfect Organization

With the TRIO A7, you will always stay perfectly organized. The foundation of this organization is the wallet itself, with lots of space for credit cards, bills, receipts and coins. There is also room in the TRIO A7 for your driver's license and photos. With such organization, you will always know where everything is and be able to keep everything you need in your wallet organizer.

A Wallet and Personal Organizer in One!

In addition to having all the elements of a complete wallet, the TRIO A7 also offers you space for your personal organizer. Here you can easily clip a calendar, notebook and address book into the spring-loaded insert rods. Your organization is completed with a handy pen and pen holder, a holder for your mobile phone, and even place for your keys.

An Extraordinary Wallet Organizer

The TRIO A7, like all of the X47 products, is a high-quality, compact and highly functional product. The TRIO A7 differs from regular wallets because of its personal organizer elements. This makes the TRIO A7 unique in its class and offers you extraordinary quality and functionality that you can find nowhere else.

Keeping in Shape

With the TRIO A7, your wallet organizer will never expand beyond its limits. In contrast to a purse where things seem to collect until it is almost bursting at the seems, the TRIO A7 keeps you perfectly organized with places for everything you need.

The TRIO A7 is made in such a way that even after years of use, it will not get stretched out of shape or heaver.

Your wallet organizer will always stay slim. Simply enviable!

Five Fine Sophistications

From the outside, the TRIO A7 can easily be mistaken for a traditional women's wallet. On the inside, however, you will discover that it holds five fine sophistications that set it apart from the crowd.

Sophistication 1: Hidden Credit Cards

With the TRIO A7, your credit cards can be placed deep into the credit card pockets. This allows you to keep them completely hidden from view, thereby keeping your private information private.

And so that you can always easily reach in and remove your credit cards from their pockets, the front sides of the credit card pockets have been made to be flexible.

Women's Wallet Organizer, made of the best leather, here KK

Sophistication 2: Mobile Phone Holder

Though almost every mobile phone has a different size and shape, a large amount of them fit perfectly in the TRIO A7 mobile phone pocket.

If you want to know for sure if your mobile phone will fit in the TRIO A7, please just give us a call. We would be happy to tell you exactly the information you are looking for.

Women's Wallet Organizer, made of the best leather, here mobile phone pocket

Sophistication 3: A Pen for on the Go

A Women's wallet with a pen is a rarity indeed.

Although one often needs a pen, especially on the go, few wallet makers incorporate a pen in the design of their wallets.

"You always need a pen!" said a costumer once, and we agree. We feel that the best place for a pen is in your wallet. Because you normally never would leave the house without your wallet, you will always have a pen with you where ever you go.

Sophistication 5: Appointment Calendar

You might have tried using a ring notebook calendar in the past and found that it was bulky and uncomfortable to use. The rings in the middle of the notebook disrupt one from writing fluidly and easily on the notebook pages. With X47, however, these problems are solved. There are no rings to bother you and no barrier to writing!

Now you can have your appointment calendar with you at all times - and in a unique, compact form. The TRIO A7 offers you, in the space of a large wallet, not only place for your money, coins, mobile phone and pen, but also a place for your personal organizer inserts. Here you can hold your calendar, address book, notebook, and/or sketchbook in the insert holders.

A two-in-one wallet organizer - it doesn't get more compact than this; or, in our opinion, more beautiful.

Women's Wallet Organizer, made of the best leather, here wallet organizer

Sophistication 6: Numerous Pockets

With the TRIO A7 you will be in the best state of orderliness. On the right side, there is a large pocket for bills or receipts, and three credit card pockets.

On the left side, there is also a large pocket for bills or receipts, and four credit card pockets. There is even an extra pocket for your driver's license.

Organization Needed!

Active women know, whether you work as an employee, own your own business or manage your household, the day is peppered with meetings, appointments, phone calls and numerous other activities. Women are always on the move and if you are not organized perfectly, you can quickly lose momentum, motivation and above all your overview of the day's activities.

Women's Wallet Organizer: The Greatest Need

What could be more important than to create a basic system that simplifies your life while bringing elegance and practicality to it? It is important to think about what helps you to keep yourself organized and to build on that system to improve your situation. We believe that with the TRIO A7, you will find exactly the organizational functionality you are looking for.

A Wallet, Purse and Personal Organizer All in One

The TRIO A7 is truly a unique wallet organizer. The essentials that you normally would carry in a purse can also fit in the TRIO A7. The TRIO A7 can hold your wallet items, personal organizer, keys and mobile phone all in one. It is a compact system of orderliness, made out of the finest leather and optimized to be pleasing to both the hand and the eye.

The TRIO A7 is All You Need

The TRIO A7 could replace a handbag and does so for many of our women customers. Unlike a handbag, in the TRIO A7, everything has a place. The TRIO A7 is small, manageable, functional, aesthetically pleasing and elegant. If you have a meeting, the TRIO A7 is more than enough. If you are going to lunch, the TRIO A7 is your perfect companion. If you are going to the theater, the TRIO A7 is elegant, light and compact enough to go with you.

Women's Wallet Organizer in Two Sizes: The TRIO A7 and the TRIO Grande

The TRIO is available in two sizes: The TRIO Grande is made in a larger format and contains larger organizer inserts, and the TRIO A7 is a smaller version of the TRIO Grande, containing smaller-sized organizer inserts. Both organizers have the same important features, and provide space and security for the most common mobile phones.