• X47 DUO1 - purse or wallet, best italian leather, for women or man, bifold: purse and planner: Totale1
  • X47 DUO1 - purse or wallet, best italian leather, for women or man, bifold: purse and planner: Totale2
  • X47 DUO1 - purse or wallet, best italian leather, for women or man, bifold: purse and planner: Sideview
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DUO1 - A wallet organizer for women and men, made of the best Italian leather. Double function: wallet and personal organizer.[more ...]

Men's or Women's Wallet Organizer: Italian Leather, Bi-Fold

The DUO1 is a smaller version of the DUO4. It has an optimal layout and unlike the DUO4, does not contain a coin pocket. The DUO1 is designed like this because often men prefer to carry their change in their pants pocket and can do, and prefer to do, without a coin pocket. Likewise, women sometimes prefer to carry their change in a separate coin purse made only for coins. The DUO1 provides exactly the functionality that these men and women are looking for without unnecessary extras.

The Advantages of the DUO1

The DUO1 has a number of clear advantages over its competitors:

No Bulging

With the DUO1, credit cards are organized next to each other, rather in layers. Because of this, even when all credit card pockets are being used, the wallet will not bulge. The credit cards lie snugly next to each other allowing the DUO1 to stay in form even after years of use. On top of all that, this system also provides an optimal writing surface for the organizer booklets.

Lots of Space

The DUO1 has space for up to three X47 organizer booklets. When you consider that the X47 organizer booklets provide you with as much writable area as the standard, larger sized ring notebooks, then the X47 advantage is quite clear. The DUO1 can be easily carried in your front pocket, back pocket or purse, and not only holds your money and credit cards, but also a pen, a weekly or monthly calendar, note paper (lined or graphed), and/or address book!

Women as well as men highly value these features.

Organizer Booklet Combinations for the DUO1

The most popular combinations of organizer booklets for the DUO1 are:

  1. Notebook and address book (uses two spring-loaded insert rods)
  2. Weekly calendar and notebook (uses three spring-loaded insert rods)

A Wallet for Every Taste

We offer the DUO1 in different shades of leather; the most sought after colors being black and brown.

You can also decide between soft or hard leather, smooth or shrunken leather, or for stamped leather in a variety of patterns and colors.

Large Bill Pockets

The DUO1 has a large bill pocket divided into two sections. The pocket is opened from the top of the wallet and provides enough room for bills, receipts and ID cards. The divided pocket runs the length and width of the wallet and opens wide for easy access.

An Ideally Positioned Pen

The pen's location in the DUO1 is ideal and has a double function: it is handy to retrieve and when not being used, the pen fills the space between the wallet covers, thereby providing extra protection for the organizer booklets. The pen's extendable casing makes it easy to write with and holds it securely in the penholder.

Wallet-leather-women-men-brown-black, here the pen protection

Many Credit Card Pockets

The DUO1 can hold up to four credit cards in the pockets available on the front and back inside covers. In addition, an extra six credit cards can be inserted when using an optional credit card holder insert. The credit card holder insert is made of a flexible material and holds three credit cards on each side flat, next to each other.

A Wallet with Organizer Booklets

Organizer booklets and a wallet - a seldom seen combination. But with the DUO1 it makes sense, due to its usefulness and practicality.

A Thin Wallet Makes a Good Wallet

Whether male or female, everyone knows the value of a compact wallet. A thin wallet is light-weight and easy to carry. Try it out for yourself and see the difference it can make in your daily routines!

Leather-wallet-women-men-brown-black, here booklets

A Discrete Wallet

With the DUO1, your credit cards can be placed deep into the credit card pockets. This allows you to keep them completely hidden from view, thereby keeping your private information private.

And so that you can always easily reach in and remove your credit cards from their pockets, the front sides of the credit card pockets have been made to be flexible.

Wallet-leather-women-men-brown-black, here protected from view

You can read about how the DUO was created in the X47 Chronicle.