• X47-Duo4 -X47-Duo4 -mens or womens coin-purse or wallet in italian leather; bifold  purse and planner, hier Totale
  • X47-Duo4 -X47-Duo4 -mens or womens coin-purse or wallet in italian leather; bifold  purse and planner, hier Offen1
  • X47-Duo4 -X47-Duo4 -mens or womens coin-purse or wallet in italian leather; bifold  purse and planner, hier Offen2
  • X47-Duo4 -X47-Duo4 -mens or womens coin-purse or wallet in italian leather; bifold  purse and planner, hier Offen1
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DUO4 - A wallet organizer for women and men, made of best Italian leather. Double function: wallet and personal organizer. [more ...]

Men's or Women's Wallet Organizer: Italian Leather, Tri-Fold

The DUO4 is unique. Nowhere else can you find such a compact wallet that provides space for eighteen credit cards, two pockets for bills, a large coin pocket as well as a pen and space for your organizer booklets. This makes the DUO4 unparalleled worldwide.

The Advantages of the DUO4

Those who look closely at the DUO4 and compare it to wallets from other suppliers will be able to see what makes it stand out: It is the perfect combination of wallet and personal organizer.

The DUO4 has a number of clear advantages over its competitors:

No Bulging

With the DUO4, credit cards are organized next to each other, rather in layers. Because of this, even when all credit card pockets are being used, the wallet will not bulge. The credit cards lie snugly next to each other allowing the DUO4 to stay in form even after years of use. On top of all that, this system also provides an optimal writing surface for the insert booklets.

Large Bill Pockets

The DUO4 has a large bill pocket divided into two sections. The pocket is opened from the top of the wallet and provides enough room for bills, receipts and ID cards. The divided pocket runs the length and width of the wallet and opens wide for easy access. These sections are roomy enough to always offer you space for everything you need to insert in them.

Roomy Coin Pocket

The DUO4 coin pocket has stitching on both the cover flap and coin pocket exterior. This makes it possible to hold a relatively large amount of coins while retaining the same format size. Underneath the coin pocket you will find a wide pocket - the ideal place for your driver's license and I.D card.

This pocket is planned exactly for this purpose and gives extra stability to the underside of the coin pocket above it, without causing the wallet to become thicker.

Wallet-leather-women-men-brown-black, here the coin purse

Credit Card Pockets

The DUO4 can hold up to twelve credit cards in the different pockets available on the front and inside flap, the inside cover and under the coin pocket. In addition, an extra six credit cards can be inserted when using an optional credit card holder insert. The holder insert is made of a flexible material and holds three credit cards on each side, flat, next to each other.

An Ideally Positioned Pen

The DUO4 comes with an elegant pen. This is hard to find in other wallets, though having a pen with your wallet often comes in handy.

"You always need a pen!" said a customer once and we agree. And where is the best place to hold a pen? In your wallet, because you always have your wallet with you where ever you go.

The pen's location in the DUO4 is ideal and has a triple function. The penholder is attached to the inner left-hand side of the cover flap. This flexible pen loop provides a convenient holding place for the pen, holds the pen firmly in place and also positions the pen in such a way that it fills the space between the flap and the inside cover, thereby providing extra protection for the organizer booklets. If you look at the DUO4 from the side, you will see that not one millimeter of space is wasted. Everything has its place; everything is safely stowed away and arranged compactly. The DOU4 can hold up to eighteen credit cards, bills, coins and organizer insert booklets all in one.

Organizer Booklets

The DUO4 can hold up to three X47 organizer booklets. If you consider that the X47 organizer inserts provide as much writable surface as a standard, considerably larger sized ring notebook, the advantages are obvious. You can easily carry the DUO4 with you while keeping yourself well organized where ever you go. This means you can have your weekly or monthly calendar, notebook and/or address book, pen, bills, coins and credit cards with you at all times!

The most popular combinations of organizer booklets for the DUO4 are:

  1. Notebook and address book (uses two spring-loaded insert rods)
  2. Weekly calendar and notebook (uses three spring-loaded insert rods).

A Wallet Organizer for Women and Men

The DUO4 is perfect for women as well as men. Many people are used to carrying a thick wallet with them everywhere they go. The DUO4 is not thicker than a normal wallet, but it can do much more than one! Whether male or female, everyone knows the value of a compact wallet

We offer the DUO4 in different types and shades of leather, the most sought after shades being black and brown.

We use Italian or German leather typically for this wallet. You have the option to decide whether you prefer soft or hard leather, smooth or shrunken leather, or for stamped leather in different patterns and colors.

You can read more about how the DUO was created in the X47 Chronicle.