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Organizer Expert - Made of the finest Italian leather ... and handmade in Germamy. [more...]

Organizer Expert - A Classic

Although the Organizer Expert was originally designed with men in mind, it has also proven popular with the fairer sex.

The original template was the good old men's wallet, which is the size that designers use to base suit pockets on all over the world. Our leather planner is designed to offer the maximum amount of paper surface, while remaining easy to write in and small enough to be carried in a jacket or shirt pocket. The secret to how X47 makes this possible: spring loaded rods for inserts and a perfectly cut shape.

The Organizer Expert is available with two, three or four spring rods, depending on what you need. If an address book or index register is needed alongside a notebook and week-by-week calendar, then four spring rods are the right way to go.

The most often used insert combinations for the leather Organizer Expert are:

  • Weekly calendar (two booklets) plus notebook: Three of the spring loaded rods are used and the folded scheduler is also inserted.
  • Weekly calendar (two booklets), notebook plus address book: Four spring loaded rods are used and the folded scheduler is also inserted.
  • Monthly planner plus notebook: Just two spring loaded rods are used.
  • Monthly calendar plus two monthly booklets and a notebook: All four spring loaded spine rods are used.

Large Selection of Leather

Our best selling organizer is available in over 100 different kinds of leather. Some leather sorts are however Limited Edition Organizers. In our shop you will find the complete collection. Please contact us to secure your order for your favorite leather organizer.

The Following Kinds of Leather Are Available for the Organizer Expert

  • Classic black, matt, sleek leather. The most popular leather with many of our customers.
  • Classic black, matt, naturally shrunk leather. If the classic is too smooth, there is an alternative with more individuality.
  • Classic red, for those who want a touch of vibrance in their organizer.
  • Premium shoulder cut black leather.
  • Premium shoulder cut dark blue leather.
  • Premium shoulder cut Bordeaux red leather.
  • Premium shoulder cut champagne leather.
  • Premium shoulder cut mahogany leather.
  • Premium imprinted black leather.
  • Premium imprinted green leather.
  • Premium Crocodile print in red leather.
  • Premium Crocodile print in black leather.
  • Premium Calypso (pearl stamping) black leather.
  • Premium Calypso (pearl stamping) red leather.
  • Premium Calypso (pearl stamping) dark brown leather.
  • Premium Calypso (pearl stamping) light brown leather.
  • Premium Calypso (pearl stamping) cognac leather.
  • Excellent Deerskin brown leather.
  • Excellent Deerskin black leather.

Our Popular Organizer Expert

With the goal of always being able to carry your organizer with you, the Organizer Expert format is the perfect size for an organizer. The inner pocked of the majority of suit jackets will hold the Organizer Expert. In Addition, with our X47 technology, you have considerably more writable area (compared with a ring book). The Organizer Expert is the ideal size and format for most users. It is considerably thinner than a ring book of the same format size. Even when you compare the Organizer Expert with the smallest available ring book, the Organizer Expert is notably thinner.

In case the Organizer Expert offers more aspects then you need, another X47 Organizer might be a better choice: The Slimline. The Slimline is the Organizer Expert's slimmer brother.

The Right Size of Organizer

The Organizer Expert has the same format and size as that of traditional wallets, which is the basis for all standard pocket sizes worldwide. Our organizers are made in such a way that they offer the maximum amount of paper area, while remaining comfortable to write in and easily accessible or storable in a jacket or shirt pocket. The X47 spring rods and a special cut make all this possible.

Film the 8 advantages of X47 Organizers


Question: How Many Spring Rods Are Optimal for an Organizer?

Do I need three or four spring rods? Well, that depends. When you have only three spring rods in your organizer, then your organizer will be thinner than it is with four. That means it is up to you how you want to optimize your organizer. It is important to have all the elements you need, like a calendar, notebook, address book and/or data register, so whether you need three or four spring rods is entirely dependent on your personal needs.

Often the deciding factor is whether you need to keep an overview of an entire year or whether a focus on the current six months is only necessary. For the entire year, you will need two spring rods because the calendar is divided into two six-month inserts. If it is enough for you to only keep the current six months at hand, then you will save a bit of space in the end.

For those who prefer to use a daily calendar, at least two spring rods are needed. Each booklet holds two months each.

In case of doubt, you can contact us and we will help you plan your perfect organizer: 0049-681-967-2443.

We will ask you a few questions and make a personalized suggestion to fit your needs.

Special Card Pockets

In contrast to the average men's wallet, with the Organizer Expert, credit card pockets are arranged in pairs over each other. This makes it possible for your organizer to keep its slim shape. The left-hand inner cover has 4 credit card pockets and the right-hand inner cover has 2 additional pockets. Altogether, 6 credit cards or business cards can be stored. When 2 cards are stored in each pocket, your organizer can hold a total of 12 cards.

Large Organizer Pockets

In addition, the Organizer Expert has two large pockets, which run along the entire length of the interior covers. Receipts, ID cards, photos or loose papers can all find a place here. The pocket on the right-hand interior cover is precisely tailored to fit the X47 folded scheduler. Holding the scheduler here will keep it protected, easily accessible and also hides credit cards from view - ideal for the discrete user.

Fits in Your Pocket

So that your leather planner slides easily in and out of a jacket pocket, we have put a holder for a mini pen running horizontally along the top of the right-hand cover, rather than on the side. Placing the pen on the side would have resulted in a 2 cm narrower planner, which would have also meant a reduction of 20 % of the available writing area. That would have been contrary to our philosophy.

Organizer Leather Expert in shirt pocket

Thinner Is Possible...

In case this cut of organizer holds even more than you require, and you need neither credit card pockets nor a pen – there is a thinner option for you: The Slimline. Fitted with one, two or three spring rods, the Slimline is the thinnest organizer with exchangeable inserts available worldwide. The inserts are surrounded by a thin, leather cover, including an interior pocket.