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Slimline Professional - Personal organizer made of the best Italian leather. [more...]

Papersize: 142 x 210 mm, 5.59 x 8,27 inch.

An Alternative to the Organizer Professional

The Slimline Professional holds up to 4 inserts in the middle, has a large fold-out pocket on the left-hand side and a pen on the top right-hand side, which fits into a penholder positioned horizontally. This organizer impresses many customers with its well defined proportions. It is thin and simple, but at the same time, a valuable tool for use in your office or at home.

You might ask yourself, what makes this organizer so special? What defines this particular organizer? You might not notice it right away: It is the outer cover.

As with all X47 organizers, the outer covers are made out of one single piece of leather. This means that no stitching breaks up the area; it is simply beautiful to the eye.

Beauty Has a Price

Have you ever noticed that the larger a leather product is, the more often big pieces of leather get separated into smaller pieces? With the Organizer Professional, our craftsmen set a single piece of leather on the back.

This gives you an even cover for your organizer or notebook that you will treasure. It is not always easy to find a perfect piece of leather: The hide of an animal is not flawless and even small injuries to the animal are archived in its skin. If the hide comes from a tannery, you will be able to clearly see insect bites, scrapes from hedges or even injuries from animal fights all over the piece.

The larger the piece of hide that is needed, the harder it is to get. X47, however, ensures that every piece of leather is undamaged and beautiful.

Slimline Professional organizer in leather with pockets

The Secret Attraction: Hidden Credit Card Pockets in the Inner Fold-Out Cover

The Slimline Professional features a large pocket made of leather with a material inside lining offering space for your credit cards. This feature is an elegant solution to hiding your credit cards from view, while at the same time providing a practical and handy place to keep them. Business cards will also find a perfect holding spot here.

The outer cover is made with one piece of leather and the inside is completely lined - your eyes will relax and enjoy the view.

Slimline Professional organizer in leather, professional pockets

Organizing Principle: Placeholders

In order to quickly be able to turn to the most important pages in your Slimline Professional, three placeholder ribbons are provided for your convenience. Additional placeholders, like flat book clips, also work well in this book.

Slimline Professional organizer in leather with placeholder ribbons

The Format Was Not Planned

The format for the Slimline Professional was initially not in the plan for our organizers. The original idea of replacing the traditional ring binding with a space-saving and easy-to-use alternative was initially planned in our Expert format. With this format, the advantage over ring organizers is very obvious and tangible.

Slimline Professional? What Is the Advantage?

The Slimline Professional format was especially requested by our customers. And they were right! The Slimline Professional has become the organizer of choice for meetings and conferences. The Slimline Professional has a versatile format that is easy to write in and compact. Thus replacing the old bulky ring book organizers forever.

The Ideal Organizer or Notebook for Left-Handers

The Slimline Professional is incredibly easy to write in - on both sides of the pages - because there are no metal rings to get in the way. This is especially important for left-handers, who need to approach the page from the left-hand side. Why is this so important? Simply put: A right-hander can move his hand over a traditional ring binding if he wants to write on the left side of the page. However, a left-hander has to turn the book at an angle if he wants to write on the right side of the page.

This is also the reason why we have many thrilled left-handers as customers.