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Slimline Expert- Personal organizer made of the best Italian leather. Pocket-sized. [more ...]

Papersize: 98 x145 mm, 3.86 x 5.71 inch.

The Slimline Expert: Simply Organized

What do you really need? How have you worked in the past and how do you want to work in the future? The decision for a new personal organizer also can be the chance for improving routines and how you work.

Only the Essentials

The Slimline Expert has all the essentials you need to keep you organized. A large pocket on the inner, left-hand cover offers you a space for business cards, receipts and loose papers. This pocket can also be used to hold a folded yearly calendar from the X47 line.

Slimline Expert organizer, made of leather with pocket

Two Placeholders

To keep you optimally organized, the Slimline Expert also includes two placeholder ribbons. Place them between important pages and you will quickly find your notes again.

Slimline Expert organizer, made of leather with placeholder ribbons

The Slimline Expert Can Hold up to Three Spring Rods

Normally, the Slimline Expert comes with two spring rods but this can be increased to three if two is not enough for you. With three spring rods, you could insert a calendar, notebook and address book, for example.

Light Weight Organization

No doubt you have heard the saying "Less is more". With the Slimline Expert, you can live out this saying. Your reward will be the incredible feeling of not being weighed down. You will feel it when you pick up your organizer and hold it in your hands, or when you put it in your jacket pocket. Every time you use this amazingly slim leather organizer you will enjoy the positive feeling of being organized without burden.

Thinner Than All Other Organizers

Why is the Slimline thinner than all other personal organizers? All of the X47 organizers are thinner than traditional ring notebooks of the same size. In addition, the Slimline is also slimmer than all of our other X47 products, including the Organizer Expert - our bestselling organizer.

This is because the Slimline does not have credit card pockets like those included in the Organizer Expert. This helps make it slimmer.

Also, The Slimline can hold up to three spring rods, in comparison to the Organizer Expert's maximum of four spring rods. That saves you about 2.5 mm of space per insert.

When compared with a ring notebook, the spring rods of the X47 line make the big difference in saving you space!

Slimeline Expert organizer, made of leather with spring-loaded insert rods