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MaBook A6 - Our most exclusive organizer / notebook / sketchbook. An absolutely wonderful leather-bound book.[more...]

Papersize: 98 x145 mm, 3.86 x 5.71 inch.

The MaBook A6: A Work of Art in Leather

“The MaBook should be suggested for exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York,” said Prof. Bitsch from the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, Design Department.

A Proper Leather-Bound Book

The MaBook is a hard-bound book with a proper book spine. It has a particularly thick outer cover that holds some small surprises on the inside: secure and elegant credit card pockets.

Your Secret Space

The MaBook is often called “The Bible” or “The Hymnbook” because at first sight it appears as such: solid, confident, firm. The MaBook is intended for extra special types of people: People who love books, people who love quality leather products and people who love to write and preserve mementos. The MaBook's weight and solid composition will convince you of its long-lasting quality and stability. You really get the impression that all of the things you write in this book will be protected forever.

Unique Features

The MaBook is a one-of-a-kind model. It has a simple design with perfect proportions, and utilizes the X47 spring loaded rods to hold your appointment calendar, notebook and/or sketchbook.

The MaBook: A Notebook or Organizer

Our spring rods make everything possible: The MaBook can be used for various purposes. You can choose: With notebook inserts, it can be used as a notebook; or with calendar inserts, it can be used as an appointment calendar. The MaBook and the corresponding inserts are available in both A5 and A6 format.

Spring Rods for Inserts

The MaBook A6 has three spring rods that hold three inserts, individually selected by you. You may choose to use the MaBook as a notebook, sketchbook or appointment calendar. The special advantages of the MaBook are its uniqueness, its stable book-like form, and its hidden credit card pockets.

X47-MaBook A5 oder A6 - Notizbuch oder Terminkalender-ein Freund fürs Leben

The MaBook Is Unique

The MaBook is simply a wonderful work of high quality leather. The most exclusive leather organizer / notebook that money can buy. Outside of the world of X47, our unique MaBook format cannot be found anywhere else.

The MaBook Invites You to be Creative

For drawing or writing, as a sketchbook or as a diary, everything that you write or draw in this book will be stored and protected. You can write down all of your personal thoughts and ideas. Here you have a place especially for you.

X47 MaBook A5 or A6 - Notebook or organizer - made of the finest leather

The Secrets Are on the Inside

The MaBook holds secrets. From the outside, the MaBook looks like a normal leather-bound book. But, when a closer look is taken, you will see the edges of the spring rods and may be surprised that underneath the cover, imbedded in the leather cover itself are credit card pockets and a penholder and pen.

The inside leather covers hold the secrets of what makes the MaBook such a unique and useful book.

X47 MaBook A5 or A6 - Notebook or organizer - made of the finest leather, here credit cards

An original product that you will not find anywhere else - made of the finest leather; a product of Germany's fine leather makers.

To the shop Mabook A6

Leather Binding

The MaBook features a proper book binding, creating a solid and stable format. The MaBook is entirely covered in high quality leather and fitted together with the finest craftsmanship. A double binding ensures stability.

X47-MaBook A5 oder A6 - Notizbuch oder Terminkalender - aus bestem Leder hier Buchband

For extra organization, the MaBook A6 features two place holders.

Which A6 Format Is Best for You?

So you know that the A6 format is the right format for you but you have some difficulty deciding whether you should choose the Organizer A6, the Slimline A6, the ONE or the MaBook A6.

There are two questions that can be asked to help in making the decision. The first question: Do you want a hard or flexible cover? Would you like an organizer / notebook that resembles a hard-bound book or do you prefer a softer, more flexible variety?

The MaBook has a very sturdy form, while the Slimline, ONE and Organizer A6 are soft and flexible.

The second question is: How many inserts do you need? The Organizer A6 has three or four spring rods, the MaBook has three spring rods, the Slimline has two spring rods and the ONE, as its name suggests, has one spring rod. Depending on how many inserts you need, you will want to find a format that fits perfectly with your requirements.