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Mabook Professional - A masterpiece of leather craftsmanship. A leather-bound organizer / notebook / sketchbook. [more...]

Papersize: 142 x 210 mm, 5.59 x 8,27 inch.

Mabook Professional - The Crown of Organizers in Hardback Leather

A book to rave about: The perfect organizer with exchangeable inserts. The Mabook Professional is a work of art in itself. It is a beautiful and comfortable to use leather organizer; and if preferred, also lends itself perfectly to use as a sketchbook, without any bulky ring mechanism to get in the way.

Useable as an organizer or a sketchbook.

Using the Mabook as a Leather-Bound Sketchbook

The Mabook is a beautiful piece of fine leather. In our opinion, the finest hardback leather sketchbook available anywhere. Such a fine book is simply not available anywhere outside of the X47 world and probably never will be.

What do you have there in front of you? A proper book. It lies before you on the table and calls out to you to be picked up and used. It wants to be opened and written in. Book friends know exactly what this is all about. The Mabook Professional invites you to draw or write, to sketch or create poems. The Mabook Professional invites you to be creative.

The Mabook Professional is a proper hard-bound book entirely covered in the best Italian leather - the ideal book. The hand craftsmanship of this book is exactly what you would expect from a fine leather product: smooth leather, perfect stitching and a double binding!

Notebook in hard-bound leather, Organizer in Leather A5, binding

A One of a Kind

Probably you have never seen anything quite like the Mabook. A proper bound book made of wonderfully fine Italian leather with exchangeable inserts and, in addition to all this, extra hidden, sophistications in the inner covers.

The Secrets Are on the Inside

The Mabook Professional holds secrets. From the outside, the Mabook looks like a normal leather-bound book. But, when a closer look is taken, you will see the edges of the spring rods and may be surprised that underneath the cover, attached to the leather cover itself is a penholder with pen.

Otherwise you might not notice anything else unusual.

But then, when you open the book, you reveal the secrets within the book: Imbedded in the inner cover is space for an organizer insert.

Notebook with leather binding, Organizer in Leather A5, A6

Above this is a small compartment for stamps or small media storage devices. In the back inside cover, you will find pockets to hold your credit cards or business cards. Simply wonderful.

Notebook with leather binding, Organizer in Leather A5, Cards

You probably have not seen such a book before - the best hand craftsmanship from Germany. The finest materials.

The Mabook Is a Unique Organizer or Sketchbook

The Mabook can be used as an organizer or sketchbook because there are so many ways in which you can organize yourself and write down your appointments. In the middle are four spring rods to hold four inserts. In addition, a pen is included, as well as deep credit card pockets and an additional area for an organizer insert.

A recommendation for which inserts should be best put where: You might plan to use the smaller area for a monthly planner insert and the area in the middle for a more detailed day-by-day and weekly planner.

If you are leaving for the weekend, you can easily remove the small monthly planner and take it with you; it fits comfortably in your jacket pocket. Or you can put it in your Organizer Expert or the ONE for a small weekend planner to go.

Deciding Between the Organizer Professional and the Mabook Professional

So you know that you want to use an organizer in the Professional format and size, but you are not sure whether the Organizer Professional, the Slimline Professional or the Mabook Professional is best for you?

There are three decisive elements to consider: Do you love comfort? Do you need more than 4 insert booklets? Then the decision is quite clear: you are best suited to the Organizer Professional. If you love compact and 4 insert booklets are enough for you, then the question to ask is: do you prefer hard-back or soft-back? If you prefer an organizer that is as stable as a book, then the Mabook is the right choice for you. If you prefer a soft, flexible cover, then the Slimline is your best choice.

When in doubt, it is best to take a look at all the options and see for yourself.

The Mabook Professional is ideal for use as a sketchbook. When sketching, it is important to have a hard cover so that you can sketch anywhere, anytime - even when no tables are available to sketch on.

Notebook with leather binding, Organizer in Leather A5, book volume