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  • personal-organiser-organisers-organizer-planner-planners-leather: 47% more surface
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  • personal-organiser-organisers-organizer-planner-planners-leather: Fits in every jacket pocket

X47 - A new technology for planners and personal organizers. [more ...]

Technology and Benefits

Our spring-loaded insert rod is made of stainless steel and with Swiss watchmaker accuracy, replacing the old ring notebook system forever.

The spring-loaded insert rod is attached to each of our insert booklets and latches onto a thin stainless steel tube, located in our personal organizers.

The difference this makes is clear: You can easily flip through the booklets and pages of the booklets, and exchanging or replacing booklets is fast and easy.

Slim, Smart, Light. The Best Option for You.

Flatter than any loose–leaf notebook. Easier to write on. Well thought-out inserts. Optimal time management.

Our personal organizers feature the highest quality leather and the best hand craftsmanship. Our stainless steel rod technology is made with the highest level of precision. This ensures that you to receive only the best.

A New Product for an Old Philosophy

We have developed a new product for the old philosophy of less is more. X47 organizers allow you to concentrate on the essentials. Loose-leaf organizers have the habit of getting thicker and thicker, accumulating ever increasing amounts of materials. X47 organizers, in contrast, are especially designed so that they cannot get thicker – precisely because they should not get thicker.

Why Waste Space?

With loose-leaf organizers, the innermost area is impossible to write on. With X47, however, this problem is solved due to our stainless steel rod technology. The pages are easy to open and no ring mechanism gets in the way of your writing.

47% More Writable Surface

Our X47 organizers provide you with 47% more writable surface than a traditional loose-leaf organizer of the same size.

Hence the name: X47!

Writing on the Left-Hand Side of the Page

Because there is no bulky ring mechanism to get in your way, with X47 you can also easily write on the left-hand side of the page. Or if you are left-handed, this also makes it easier for you to write on the right-hand side of the page.

Fits in Your Jacket Pocket

Our X47 organizers are designed so that they cannot get thicker and will therefore always fit in your jacket pocket. Our Organizer Mini will even fit in your shirt pocket.