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X47 - Yearly calendar, yearly planner [more ...]

Yearly Calendar, Yearly Planner

Our yearly calendar is available in two formats:

  • Yearly calendar booklet (in mini, standard and large sizes)
  • Yearly calendar fold-out (in two sizes: mini and standard)

X47 Yearly Calendar Booklet

The X47 yearly calendar contains:

  • A place for topics or categories for the year
  • The last month of the previous year: December 2020,
  • January to December of the current year 2021,
  • Holidays for 2021,
  • School holidays for 2021.

Calendar Combinations

The yearly calendar is often combined with a daily or weekly calendar.

With this combination, the yearly calendar gives you an overview, helps you with your long-term planning and can also be used as a documentation of your experiences, activities and achievements. The daily or weekly calendar can be used as a detailed planner for your activities, providing an overview of your short-term plans and tasks.

Some appointments can be entered twice, once in your yearly calendar and once in your daily or weekly calendar, for example. This helps to keep you in the best order.

Combination with Notes or Data Register

The yearly calendar provides you with an overview of the most important tasks and appointments of the year. However, as sometimes this space is too small to add lengthly notes and information in an organized way, some customers prefer to have a notebook or data register in addition to their yearly calendar.

The following supplement booklets are available:

  • Notebook (checkered, lined or blank)
  • Data register (numbered 1-12)

Notes can be numbered or supplied with a date at the top of the page. This allows you to make references to your notes in your yearly calendar itself.

The data register (numbered 1-12) is similar to an address register – however instead of letters, along the right side are the numbers 1-12. A data register is an ideal place to gather and organize your ideas or projects according to theme.

Yearly Calendar Overview

The yearly calendar contains overview pages where you can enter your projects or important notes.

These pages also provide as space for you to document the highlights of your year.

Yearly calendar, yearly planner: Goals and achievements of the year

Goals and achievements of the year

Phases of the Moon in the Yearly Calendar

Symbols for a full moon and new moon are listed in the yearly calendar.

Yearly calendar, yearly planner: Phases of the moon

Moon Phases

In the picture above you can also see the calendar week number. This is usually shown on every Monday of each week. If on this day there is a full or new moon, then the calendar week number will be displayed on Tuesday.

School Vacations in the Yearly Calendar

School vacations and holidays in the yearly calendar are printed for the current year.

Yearly calendar, yearly planner: Holidays

School vacations

Information about where to find updated school holiday and vacation notices for the year are also listed in the yearly calendar.

Yearly calendar, yearly planner: School vacations on the web

School vacations on the web

Holidays in the Yearly Calendar

The most important holidays are listed in the yearly calendar. The name of the holiday is printed.

Yearly calendar, yearly planner: Important holidays

Important holidays

International holidays are listed with an abbreviation for each country. If a country is in parenthesis, this means that the holiday is not celebrated in the entire country, but rather only in some regions.

Yearly calendar, yearly planner: International holidays

International holidays

Calendar for Next Year

The end of the year is generally the time when people start looking for a new calendar for the coming year. This is why we start every yearly calendar with the month of December.

In addition, three months of the following year are printed at the end of the yearly calendar so that you can already begin with your planning.

Yearly calendar, yearly planner: 2012

The months of the following year

For all the months after that, a table is provided so that you can write in important dates to be later transferred to your new yearly calendar.

Yearly calendar, yearly planner: Appointment space

Space for further appointments in the following year

Yearly Calendar: Columns

A yearly calendar can be used for different purposes. If you perhaps use your calendar for statistics or as a checking/controlling instrument, the last three columns on the right-hand side of the page are designed for these purposes. These columns also lend themselves well to a variety of other uses.

Yearly calendar, yearly planner: Columns for statistics

Columns for statistics

Versatile Yearly Calendar

The yearly calendar - like our monthly calendar - can be used for many different purposes. From conversations with our customers we know that the yearly calendar is being used as a

  • ... monthly calendar or monthly planner
  • ... vacation planner
  • ... birthday calendar
  • ... conference planner
  • ... remembrance of the years' activities
  • ... driver's logbook
  • ... project planner
  • ... data bank of statistics
  • ... co-worker vacations calendar
  • ... system of recording time

Please note that we also have special fold-out yearly calendars available.

The Yearly Calendar Fold-Out in your Personal Organizer

Our personal organizers Organizer Expert, Slimline Professional, Slimline Expert and the ONE each have a pocket perfect for the yearly calendar fold-out.