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X47 - Refills for notebook, sketchbook.[more...]

Notebook Inserts

At X47, we have four different types of notebook inserts:

  • Lined notebooks
  • Checkered notebooks
  • Blank notebooks
  • Staff (music) paper
  • In addition: Data register

We also offer the notebooks in three different sizes mini, standard and large.

Different colors are available for the notebook covers. You can select your favorite.

Notebook: Data register

Two Covers: Black and White

Every booklet has two outer covers. This makes it possible for you to decide which color you prefer according to which color leather you have chosen. For example, if you have a brown leather notebook, perhaps you prefer a white insert cover instead of black. If so, you can simply remove the black cover.

Color Covers

Covers in a wide range of colors are also available for your booklet. We let you choose which color you prefer so that it fits best with your style. You can order your color cover in our shop or at a store location.

Color covers are made especially for you and are cut and attached by hand. Therefore, if you have your own special paper that you want to use - we can use that for your cover too!

Notebook: Color covers

Color covers are available

Production of Insert Booklets

The production of our X47 insert booklets is much more intensive than the production of inserts for standard ring notebooks. We produce our own booklets, which go through several stages of production. For ring notebook inserts production is quite simple: paper is printed, holes are made and the paper is cut.

In contrast, X47 insert booklets are first printed, then folded, stitched, cut and indexed.

For printing, a large sheet of paper is printed with 16 insert pages. This sheet is then folded and put together with three other folded sheets in a special machine to be stitched together with a black and white cover.

When folding, the highest precision is taken to make sure every page is properly folded. If the machine is not properly adjusted, then the boarders of the pages will not be correctly set and the pages will not fit in the booklet perfectly. An error like that would be immediately recognizable. Precise folding is very important and can only be done by a very few number of printing shops.

When the inserts booklets are finished, we insert the stainless steel, spring-loaded insert rods by hand in Germany.

Using the ONE as a Notebook

A notebook can be as thin as one notebook insert in the ONE, our ultrathin organizer. You will have an elegant, thin notebook with a thin leather cover. Pure simplicity.

Notebook: The ONE

Using the ONE as a notebook

X47 and the Next Generation of Notebooks

Previously: Always a Bound Book

There are a lot of notebooks in the world and notebooks have been and still remain quite popular. You can rarely find a person who does not own or has owned a notebook. There is a saying that goes "A notebook is like a piece of your brain."

For a long time, when you spoke of a notebook, the image of a proper bound book would come to mind. A bound book with lined, checkered or blank pages, but generally only one of these sorts and not a combination of them.

There are certain things that one generally prefers to use...

  • lined paper for (e.g. Poems) or
  • checkered paper for (e.g. technical drawings) or
  • blank paper for (e.g. creative sketches) or
  • staff paper for (e.g. writing music)

This idea of having one notebook for each purpose and use is outdated.

That has all been changed with X47!

Now you can put your notebook together yourself just the way you like it. You can choose any combination of paper that you want. You can order your notebook as you want it to be, individually fitting to your special needs.

If you purchase a Mabook Expert, you have the ability to choose 3 different inserts to put in your organizer. With Mabook Professional, you can choose up to 4 different insert booklets!

Previously: Always with Simple Materials

Up until now, notebooks have typically been made out of paper, plastic or simple leather materials. This was because notebooks were meant for use only for a specific amount of time.

People did not want to or could not spend more money on a, what in the end turned out to be, disposable product.

This has all changed with X47.

Now you can enjoy luxury. You can choose the finest quality leather - the highest quality hand craftsmanship - you can choose a companion for life.

Hemmingway would have...

Hemmingway, Chatwin, yes even Leonardo da Vinci would have chosen X47 - surely - as far as we are concerned!

Notebook: The format is key

The Notebook Format is Key

The format defines the thoughts. Choose your notebook carefully.

  • On the one hand, a notebook should be small enough to always be able to have it with you.
  • On the other hand, the notebook pages must be large enough that you can comfortably write in it.
  • And there is a third element: the notebook has to be neither too large nor too small that it limits or overwhelms the user. You work differently on a large piece of paper than you do on a small one.

A Notebook Can Motivate You

You might recognize this situation: in front of you is a notebook, and it is saying to you "Pick me up! Write something! Anything!"

The more beautiful the notebook, the more easily motivated you will be to use it. The notebook becomes your muse and motivates you to be creative.

You decide on your maximum motivational moment!

Notebook as motivation

The X47 Notebook is a Companion for Life

With X47, you have never-ending space to write. When one notebook insert is full, you can simply clip in another one, a third one, a fourth one and so on. Booklet after booklet can continually be clipped into the same, leather bound notebook.

This way, it will always stay your notebook. Your individual notebook that gets more and more beautiful as the days go by.

The Mabook Expert as a Notebook

Your notebook has notebook paper booklets that you can easily clip in and out, and be replaced with new ones.

Notebook: Mabook Expert

A proper book with exchangeable insert booklets.

Notebook: Mabook Expert

Mabook Expert: Note the book binding; a notebook of perfection!

The Mabook Professional as a Notebook

The king of all notebooks: The Mabook Professional. Large, thin, elegant.

Notebook: Mabook Professional

Bound like a real book - and in addition, made with the best leather and with the finest hand craftsmanship.

Notebook: Mabook Professional

Here too: Note the book binding

Notebook: MaBook Professional

How is a Notebook Best Used?

What is a Notebook Used For?

A Notebook as a Safe for Ideas

Ideas can be fleeting. An idea might come to you but in the next moment you might forget it again. The best thing to do is write it down. But where? In a notebook!

Once in your notebook, your treasure is secure and can be further developed. Other ideas might build on the first and quickly you will see your idea growing. A sketch might illustrate it, a mind map might be added...the idea is grows even further and develops.

The biggest ideas often start as small idea seeds in a notebook. Thousands of ideas might slumber in a notebook waiting to come to life.

A notebook does not judge or put value on your ideas. A notebook is simply there for its owner. Purely unselfish.

Your Notebook Companion

A notebook can be trusted with all of your thoughts, ideas and plans. A notebook is always around for you, does not interrupt you - it just simply is there and is available whenever you need it.

A notebook can help relieve your worries and help you to think clearly. Write something in it, it will do you good.

A Notebook as a Note Pad

The most important function of a notebook is surely its function as a place for quickly jotting down all of your ideas and other important information that you do not want to forget.

Where should you write down that phone number? Grab your notebook. Where should you jot down that new idea before you forget it? In your notebook.

What about that name that I just heard? Write it down in your notebook.

Notebook as a Data Bank

Here you will find everything again. If you number the pages and include a table of contents at the beginning, this will help you to find everything in an organized manner.

A notebook will never go off line or become unusable in a power outage. A notebook will not break down if it gets wet; a notebook is forever.

Notebook as a Sketchbook

You can draw, sketch or describe your observations and use your notebook as a creative place. Let your thoughts flow freely onto the pages - while you're waiting, while talking on the telephone, while thinking.

Let your pencil or pen flow over the pages and surprise you with the outcome, whatever it is, it is a part of you.

Notebook as a Recipe Book

Do you enjoy cooking? Do you like to collect recipes from other people? Your notebook is the perfect place to write down all of these recipes and keep them together. That way, when you are looking for that special recipe, you will always know where to find it. When your book is full, you will see that you have written your own cookbook!

Notebook as a Diary or Journal

A diary sets you free. A diary records thoughts, feelings and events.

A diary holds memories and therefore holds the past - a little piece of your life on paper.

A diary never forgets and tells you even decades later what you were thinking, feeling and doing at a particular moment in time.

Notebook as a diary

Notebook as a Travel Journal

Do you enjoy going on trips? Traveling teaches you like nothing else can. While traveling you see things in a whole different perspective. You think about other things, have other thoughts and feelings, and come to other conclusions.

A notebook will enable you to record all of those new elements. A notebook will motivate you to take an even closer look at the things around you, to listen more intensely to the music you hear, to try something new. A travel notebook will motivate you to live more passionately.

Notebook for Personal Organization

You do not necessarily need a calendar to keep yourself organized. You might find that a notebook is enough. You can write down your important tasks for the day, week or month and work on these elements.

A notebook helps you to achieve this. If you want to know more about this topic, you can read on about it under our section titled Time Management.

Notebook as a To-Do List

Perhaps you could not finish all of the tasks you need to get done, but how do you keep from forgetting them? By writing them down in a notebook you can easily look at them again and remember exactly what you need to do. A notebook helps you to keep these tasks structured and ordered.

Notebook as a Place for Music Composition

Do you have a particular melody in mind? A melody that is so beautiful that it should never be forgotten? Quickly grab your notebook and write it out. There your melody is safe and when you get home, your instrument will bring your melody to life.

Notebook as a Poetry Book

Thoughts come and go. When you become inspired by a muse, you cannot always expect it to happen a second time

Now is the moment for writing down your inspiration. Now, and not soon from now. Right now you see it all clearly, the form, the rhyme, the logic, the structure.

Preserve your verses - you can do so by writing them down in your notebook.

Notebook Combined with a Calendar

You can add a supplemental calendar to your notebook. The smallest and most simple calendar form is our yearly fold-out calendar. This calendar is thin and can easily be inserted into your notebook. There is a pocket especially designed to hold the yearly fold-out calendar, making it very easy to always have on hand.

Our monthly or weekly calendar can also be used.

To connect your calendar and notebook, you can simply write the date at the top of the notebook page that coordinates with your calendar entries.