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X47 - Monthly calendar, monthly planner. [more ...]

Monthly Calendar, Monthly Planner

Our monthly calendar is available in two styles:

  • Monthly calendar booklet
  • Monthly calendar fold-out

The X47 Monthly Calendar Booklet

Our monthly calendar booklet holds three calendar years:

  • One month on two pages for the current year.
  • One month per page for next year.
  • One month per page for two years ahead.

Yearly Calendar Overview

So that you always have an overview of the current year and the two following years, you will find in every booklet a yearly overview for all three years, for example for 2022 as well as the next two years 2023 and 2024.

Monthly planner, monthly calendar: Chart

Calendar Combinations

The monthly calendar is often combined with a weekly or daily calendar.

With this combination, the monthly calendar gives you an overview, helps you with your long-term planning and can also be used as a documentation of your experiences, activities and achievements. The weekly or daily calendar can be used as a detailed planner for your activities, providing an overview of your short-term plans and tasks.

Some appointments can be entered twice, once in your monthly calendar and once in your daily or weekly calendar, for example. This helps to keep you in the best order.

Calendar Week Numbers and Phases of the Moon

You will find the noting of the phases of the moon in the third column in your monthly calendar and the week number in the second column.

Monthly planner, monthly calendar: Calendar week numbers and phases of the moon

Calendar week number and moon phase

Keeping Organized with a Timeline

In the picture above, you can see the calendar's timeline. With this system, you can enter your appointments and create a visual reminder of your activities.

The timeline begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 7:00 p.m. with extra space for you to enter additional appointments after typical business hours.

International Holidays

Holidays in the USA and major European countries can be found on the left side of the monthly calendar.

Monthly planner, monthly calendar: International holidays

International holidays

Monthly Calendar: Overview Page

The monthly calendar contains an overview page where you can enter projects and important items.

This page also provides a space for you to note the highlights of your year. You can list them here one after another in chronological order.

Monthly planner, monthly calendar: Projects and important items

Overview for projects and important items

Monthly Calendar:
Combination with Notes or Data Register

As an addition to your monthly calendar, you can add the following supplement booklets:

  • Checkered, lined or blank notebook
  • Data register (numbered 1-12)

Notes can be numbered or supplied with a date at the top of the page. This allows you to make references to your notes in your monthly calendar itself.

The data register (numbered 1-12) is similar to an address register – however instead of letters, along the right side are the numbers 1-12. A data register is an ideal place to gather and organize your ideas or projects according to theme.

Monthly planner, monthly calendar: Data register

Data register

Holidays in Your Monthly Calendar

The holiday listings in the monthly calendar show all the holidays for the current and next year.

Monthly planner, monthly calendar: holidays

Holiday listing

Holidays for Different Countries

The monthly calendar includes all of the major US holidays. Holidays in other English speaking countries like Canada and The United Kingdom are noted with an abbreviation for the country (UK, CAN).

Monthly planner, monthly calendar: data register


Two Covers: Black and White

Every booklet has two outer covers. This makes it possible for you to decide which color you prefer according to which color leather you have chosen. For example, if you have a brown leather organizer, perhaps you prefer a white insert cover instead of black. If so, you can simply remove the black cover.

Color Covers

Covers in a wide range of colors are also available for your booklet. We let you choose which color you prefer so that it fits best with your style. You can order your color cover in our shop or at a store location.

Color covers are made especially for you and are cut and attached by hand. Therefore, if you have your own special paper that you want to use - we can use that for your cover too!

Monthly planner, monthly calendar: Color covers

You can choose your favorite color.

Production of Insert Booklets

The production of insert booklets is much more intensive than the production of inserts for standard ring notebooks. We produce our own booklets, which go through several stages of production. For ring notebook inserts production is quite simple: paper is printed, holes are made and the paper is cut.

In contrast, X47 insert booklets are first printed, then folded, stitched, cut and indexed.

For printing, a large sheet of paper is printed with 16 insert pages. This sheet is then folded and put together with three other folded sheets in a special machine to be stitched together with a black and white cover.

When folding, the highest precision is taken to make sure every page is properly folded. If the machine is not properly adjusted, then the boarders of the pages will not be correctly set and the pages will not fit in the booklet perfectly. An error like that would be immediately recognizable. Precise folding is very important and can only be done by a very few number of printing shops.

When the booklet is finished it is then put in a special machine for the final touch: The index needs to be added. This requires that each booklet, one by one, be inserted into the machine by hand. All in all, an intricate procedure.

When the inserts booklets are finished, we insert the stainless steel, spring-loaded insert rods by hand in Germany.

Monthly Calendar:
Multiple Uses

The monthly calendar can be used for many different purposes. For example as a

  • ... monthly calendar or monthly planner
  • ... vacation planner
  • ... birthday calendar
  • ... conference planner
  • ... remembrance of the years' activities
  • ... driver's logbook
  • ... project planner
  • ... data bank of statistics
  • ... co-worker vacations calendar
  • ... system of recording time

You can download the X47 monthly planner 2011 in PDF format here