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Time Circles from X47 - An innovative daily planner. [more ...]

The X47 Daily Calendar "Time Circles"

Round time circles have had and continue to have a strong influence on western culture and society. Just as a watch allows you to quickly recognize the time and remember it as well, using this time circle concept for your daily activities allows you to quickly get the information you need, while best allowing you to hold this information in your memory. Your daily activities are easily and clearly inserted into the time circle, giving you a realistic overview of your appointments, meetings and activities.

"Time Circles" is a unique daily calendar format designed by X47. Time Circles provide an exceptional visual representation of all of your scheduled activities, including the extra time you have available. Unlike traditional appointment calendars, time entries are noted on a clock face rather than on vertical lines from top to bottom. With the round time circle concept being a culturally significant and influential element in our society, psychologists agree that this calendar format has especially positive qualities to offer:

  • Entries on the Time Circles allow for a more realistic estimation of the time needed for activities.
  • The time and duration of appointments are easily registered and better held in memory.

Using Time Circles

The most common question we receive is: "How do I best note appointments that occur during the second half of the day?" The simple and practical solution to this is to enter times inside of the clock face for morning appointments and outside of the clock face for afternoon and evening appointments.

The Psychological Background

"A large part of our knowledge consists of facts that are constructed into standardized concepts. This structure of knowledge gets translated into general schemas. According to the universe of discourse, one can differentiate schemas that correspond to people (people schemas, self schema), facts, and experiences." Kroeber-Riel, Consumer Behavior, 4th Edition 1990 [translated].

"A schema may be defined as a cognitive structure of 'organized prior knowledge, abstracted from experience with specific instances' that guides the processing of new information and the retrieval of stored information'." Fiske & Linville, "What does the Schema Concept Buy us?" in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 6, 1980:543.

"A schema guides perception, simplifies thought processes and organizes the storage of information. In short: It is in conceived in current psychology as the foundational building block for every complex human processing of information." Mandl, Friedrich & Hron, "Theoretical Rudiments of Knowledge Acquisition", in Mandl, Spada, Knowledge Psychology, 1988 [translated].

Time Circles 2011: NIVREL

In 2011, X47 will partner with German watchmaker Gerd Hofer GmbH and its brand of exquisite NIVREL watches. NIVREL is a successful, internationally sold brand of high quality watches produced in the German federal state of Saarland.

The Clock Face

The clock face of the Time Circles 2011 is an exact copy of the NIVREL La Grand Manuelle clock face. All NIVREL watches of this model feature large Arabic numerals with a "train track" minute indicator that allows you to clearly read your watch to the exact minute.

This special edition NIVREL watch is produced with precision and high quality materials. The steel casing gives the watch a soft and elegant radiance, while the hour and minute hands create a striking element in a beautiful shade of flame-blue. The original NIVREL watch also features a small second hand at 5 o'clock.

Daily planner, daily calendar Time Circles: NIVREL in detail.

NIVREL La Grand Manuelle

Underneath the Surface

NIVREL watches are examples of excellence, with just as much hand craftsmanship and love of detail as we put in our personal organizers!

Underneath the watch surface, a manual winding movement caliber ETA Unitas 6498-2 keeps you in accurate time. The watch mechanism is beautifully decorated with Cótes de Genéve, detailed gears and balance wheels, a flame-blue swan neck fine adjustment and screws - all adding to the graceful style and allure of the piece.

Daily planner, daily calendar Time Circles: The clockwork

NIVREL La Grande Manuelle and X47 Combined

In 2011, a NIVREL special edition watch and X47 personal organizer combination will be available. The X47 personal organizer not only includes a matching Time Circles daily calendar and an engraved NIVREL logo, but the organizer cover in fine calf leather also matches the color of the watches' Louisiana alligator leather armband.

The paper format in the X47 personal organizer has the following dimensions: 98 x 145 mm, 3.86 x 5.71 inches. This optimal watch and organizer combination allows you to wear your NIVREL watch on your wrist and carry its copy in your jacket pocket - keeping your daily appointments in the highest state of organization.

NIVREL: The German Watch with a Swiss Heart

All of the mechanical movements used by NIVREL have been produced in Switzerland. At the NIVREL production site in Saarland, Germany, a majority of these movements are then refined with special engravings, blue screws, polished steel screws and other detailing. NIVREL makes sure that the final watch construction, the fine finishing and functional enhancement of single parts, the part assembly, and the quality assurance and service all meet the company's high standards.

The family run business has a rich history dating back to 1891 when the first Kraemer jewelry store opened in Saarbruecken, Germany. Since then, the Hofer/Kraemer Family, still residing in Saarbruecken, has celebrated the fifth generation of business in the watch industry.

Tagesplaner-Tageskalender Zeitkreise: Hier Logo

Gerd Hofer aquired the Swiss watch brand NIVREL in 1993 and put his passion and ideas to work in creating and developing his line of designer watches.

His enthusiasm for mechanical clockwork and his high regard for quality and precision in design and craftsmanship continue to resonate in every individual NIVREL watch.

NIVREL: Classic Design

The special edition La Grande Manuelle watch from NIVREL features a timeless, classic design. The design, form and function all perfectly compliment the X47 Time Circles personal organizer. The fine handcrafted watch pieces will impress you with their attention to detail and fine quality.

Daily planner, daily calendar Time Circles: Detailed clockwork

Individuals who buy a NIVREL do so knowing they can wear their watch for decades. Its classic design is stylish in every generation and changing fashion mode.

This philosophy has guided the design and production of NIVREL watches.

Daily planner, daily calendar Time Circles: Le Chronographe Replique II