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X47 - Daily calendar, daily planner[more ...]

Daily Calendar, Daily Planner

Our daily calendar is available in two formats:

  • Daily calendar "Classic"
  • Daily calendar "Time Circles"

This year, our daily calendar is available with an image of a clock face from the Saarland, Germany based watch manufacturer "NIVREL". More information is available under the heading "Time Circles".

X47 Daily Calendar "Classic"

The daily calendar Classic contains one day per page, with the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) together on one page. The daily calendar is a fundamental element of a good time management system and an absolute essential to a large number of customers. On the top half of the page, you can write in your appointments and meetings and on the bottom half of the page, you can make notes for all of your tasks and activities.

The idea behind this format is quite simple: Appointments are not the only things that define your day; your day's tasks and activities that do not have a specific time appointment also have to get done. Our motto is, "Make note not only of your appointments and meetings but also of your important activities for the day." This helps keep your time perfectly managed.

Daily calendar, daily planner: To-Do list

List of tasks and activities

One Year - Six Booklets

The X47 daily calendar is composed of 6 booklets, with each booklet holding 2 months each.

Daily Calendar with an Overview

The daily calendar provides you with comfortable time management. In addition to daily entries, additional planning elements are also included:

  • Yearly overview of the current year
  • Yearly overview of the following year
  • Monthly overview of the current two months
  • Monthly overview of the following two months

Yearly Overview in the Daily Calendar

So that you always have an overview of the entire year, a yearly overview for the current year is provided in front of each booklet and for the following year in the back of each booklet.

Daily calendar, daily planner: Yearly overview

Yearly Overview

Monthly Overview in the Daily Calendar

The monthly overview displays all international holidays with abbreviations for the different countries.

Daily calendar, daily planner: Month, International holidays

Monthly overview with international holidays

Monthly Overview with Numerals

Because we print our monthly calendars for multiple countries, we use numerals instead of words to indicate the month of the year. For example, for May, you will see 05-2011 printed at the top of the page.

Daily calendar, daily planner: Numerals

Monthly Overview: Numerals for the Months of the Year

The same is the case for the identification of days in the monthly overview. Days are identified by number with the weekend colored in gray.

Monthly Overview: Phases of the Moon

The phases of the moon are limited to symbols for a full moon and a new moon.

Daily calendar, daily planner: Monthly overview with moon phases

Moon Phases in the Monthly Overview

Overlapping Days

At the end of each booklet there are days that are repeated in the next booklet. You will find areas at the end of the booklet that are marked with a gray bar, which reminds you that a new booklet is beginning. If you see a gray bar, you can immediately start using a new booklet.

Daily calendar, daily planner: Gray bar

Overlapping days

Three Categories

The bottom half of the daily calendar is provided so that you have a place for making notes, and writing in tasks and activities for the day.

For organizing these notes, tasks and activities, there are three columns to the left of the lined area. Here you can rate and prioritize your entries according to importance. We leave the exact details up to you as to how you want to rate your entries. Below is an example of how you could use the three columns to rate your tasks and activities.

Rating of tasks and activities by

  • Importance
  • Time needed
  • Type of task or activity.

One meaningful rating is a rating based on emotions; for example, whether the task or activity is a pleasant one or not. A good, old time management and general life principle states: "Complete one of your less pleasant tasks each day, preferably at the beginning of the day." That ensures you do not get behind and sets your mind free from thinking about the unpleasant tasks.

Daily calendar, daily planner: 3 Category

3 Categories

Half-Hour Appointments

For entering half-hour long appointments or appointments on the half hour, there are a couple of possibilities:

  • Enter the appointment in the large left-hand row.
  • Enter the appointment in the large, right-hand row (useful when you have several appointments following each other closely).
Daily calendar, daily planner: Half-hour appointments

Entering half-hour appointments

Holidays in the Daily Calendar

The most important holidays are listed in the daily calendar. The name of the holiday can be found in the upper heading. This makes it clear when and where the holiday is celebrated.

By using the upper heading to list holidays, we have found a way to list the complete name of the holiday and thereby leaving the lower area free and uncluttered.

Daily calendar, daily planner: International holidays


Appointments Before 8:00 a.m.

The first hour listed in the daily calendar is 8:00 a.m. If you have an appointment before this time, you can simply enter it in the line provided above this space.

Daily calendar, daily planner: Appointments before 8:00 a.m.

Appointments After 8:00 p.m.

The last hour listed in the weekly calendar is 8:00 p.m. If you have an appointment or event after this time, you can simply enter it in the line provided after this space.

Appointments after 8:00 p.m.

Daily calendar, daily planner: Appointments after 8:00 p.m.

Calendar Week Number

The week number for each calendar week is provided at the top right-hand side of the left page.

Daily calendar, daily planner: Calendar weeks

Calendar weeks

Phases of the Moon

A symbol of the moon is provided to indicate when there is a full moon or new moon. The symbol is located next to the date in the upper heading.

Daily calendar, daily planner: Phases of the moon

Phases of the Moon

Calendar Combinations

The daily calendar is often combined with a monthly or yearly calendar in the form of booklets or as a fold-out calendar.

With this combination, the monthly and yearly calendar give you an overview, help you with your long-term planning and can also be used as a documentation of your experiences, activities and achievements.

Some appointments can be entered twice, once in your monthly or yearly calendar and once in your daily calendar, for example. This helps to keep you in the best order.

Combination with Notes or Data Register

The daily calendar provides you with an overview of the most important tasks and appoints of the day. However, as sometimes this space is too small to add lengthy notes and information in an organized way, some customers prefer to have a notebook or data register in addition to their daily calendar.

The following supplement booklets are available:

  • Notebook (checkered, lined or blank)
  • Data register (numbered 1-12)

Notes can be numbered or supplied with a date at the top of the page. This allows you to make references to your notes in your daily calendar itself.

The data register (numbered 1-12) is similar to an address register – however instead of letters, along the right side are the numbers 1-12. A data register is an ideal place to gather and organize your ideas or projects according to theme.

Two Covers: Black and White

Every booklet has two outer covers. This makes it possible for you to decide which color you prefer according to which color leather you have chosen. For example, if you have a brown leather organizer, perhaps you prefer a white insert cover instead of black. If so, you can simply remove the black cover.

Color Covers

Covers in a wide range of colors are also available for your booklet. We let you choose which color you prefer so that it fits best with your style. You can order your color cover in our shop or at a store location.

Color covers are made especially for you and are cut and attached by hand. Therefore, if you have your own special paper that you want to use - we can use that for your cover too!

Daily calendar, daily planner: Color covers

Color covers

Several Languages

We produce our daily calendar in six languages.

Therefore a special handling was required to incorporate all of the different languages. On one page you will find the first four languages

Daily calendar, daily planner: Four languages

Four languages

Two additional languages: Dutch and Spanish

And on the next page you will find that the last two languages have been changed. This makes it possible to include all six languages in our daily calendars.

Daily calendar, daily planner: Additional languages

Although it may be a compromise, we hope that it is one that works for everyone. On the one hand every customer can find his/her language and on the other hand we can keep the calendar international and available in these different countries.

It is our belief that customers will be able to quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for in our daily calendar and that after a few days of using it, will not even need to read headings to find which day of the week is where.

Production of Insert Booklets

The production of X47 insert booklets is much more intensive than the production of inserts for standard ring notebooks. We produce our own booklets, which go through several stages of production. For ring notebook inserts production is quite simple: paper is printed, holes are made and the paper is cut.

In contrast, X47 insert booklets are first printed, then folded, stitched, cut and indexed.

For printing, a large sheet of paper is printed with 16 insert pages. This sheet is then folded and put together with three other folded sheets in a special machine to be stitched together with a black and white cover.

When folding, the highest precision is taken to make sure every page is properly folded. If the machine is not properly adjusted, then the boarders of the pages will not be correctly set and the pages will not fit in the booklet perfectly. An error like that would be immediately recognizable. Precise folding is very important and can only be done by a very few number of printing shops.

When the inserts booklets are finished, we insert the stainless steel, spring-loaded insert rods by hand in Germany.