• X47-Register: Adressregister for planners made of Leather A7, A6, A5Adressheft a7, a6, a5
  • X47-Register: Dataregister for planners made of Leather A7, A6, A5

X47 - Address and data register [more ...]

The X47 Address Register

Our X47 address register is available in three different sizes: mini, medium and large.

All of our registers have an overview of the months of the year placed in the front of the register - providing you a perfect area to record birthdays.

Address register with birthday calendar

Birthday calendar

Address register

View of a normal page

The X47 Data Register

Our X47 data register is often used as a supplement to our notebook inserts.

In comparison to a notebook, the data register has the advantage of being able to organize topics by subject.

Data register

Data Register Content Overview

You can structure your important topics or projects, and record them in the register's content overview. There you can easily find all of your topics and number them according to where they are found in the data register.

Data register content overview

View of the data register.

The boarders of the data register have been kept quite simple. They provide a space - as in our calendars - for three rating columns.

These columns are found in all three sizes of the data register (mini, medium and large).